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Jazz Sonata Cover
Jazz Sonata CD

Jazz Sonata Cover
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Scores for Jeffrey Chappell’s compositions can be purchased here in pdf file format.

“Sonatina” and “Four Of A Kind” are the newest additions to Jeffrey’s piano solo compositions. The other works are from the “Jazz Sonata” album, Jeffrey’s recording of original piano solo compositions. “Aphrodite” is an arrangement of the slow movement from the composition titled “Jazz Sonata”. It is available here in three versions: flute and piano, cello and piano, and alto saxophone, clarinet, and piano.

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Candlelight   $15
Four of a Kind   $25
Sonatina   $25
American Sonata * $25
Piano Trio * $20
On The Wing * $25
Pop Songs Without Words * $20
Jazz Sonata * $25
Melancholy Moon * $15
Banana Jam * $15
Aphrodite, for flute and piano $25
Aphrodite, for cello and piano  **  $25
Aphrodite, for alto saxophone, clarinet, and piano  ***  $25

 *  Listen to Jeffrey play excerpts of these scores with iTunes.

 **  Listen to Jeffrey play this score for cello and piano at Spotify or at iTunes.

 ***  Listen to Jeffrey play this score for sax, clarinet and piano (Aphrodite in Alba) at Spotify or at iTunes.

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